stand for - definitions and synonyms

stand for verb

  1. English Meaning: 

    : express indirectly by an image, form, or model; be a symbol

    Example Sentenses:

    • What does the Statue of Liberty symbolize?

  2. English Meaning: 

    : denote or connote

    اردو معنی‎ (Urdu Meaning)‎:

    مطلب ہونا - معنی ہونا - مفہوم ہونا -

    Example Sentenses:

    • `maison' means `house' in French

    • An example sentence would show what this word means


    intend / mean / signify
  3. English Meaning: 

    : take the place of or be parallel or equivalent to

    Example Sentenses:

    • Because of the sound changes in the course of history, an `h' in Greek stands for an `s' in Latin


    correspond / represent
  4. English Meaning: 

    : tolerate or bear

    Example Sentenses:

    • I won't stand for this kind of behavior!


    hold still for

Usage Examples:

  • Someone with deep pockets had to stand behind Lehman to assuage these anxieties.
  • Other structures of the hair follicle include the oil producing sebaceous gland which lubricates the hair and the arrector pili muscles, which are responsible for causing hairs to stand up.
  • Warner, who smashed 124, put together a 231-run opening stand with Aaron Finch, who made 94, to pulverize the Indian bowling attack at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium.